My 5.P.M Chai

There is something about the setting sun which gives the sky it’s color
The sun has traveled and so have I, we look at one another
Cheers for the warm embrace today, I will see you tomorrow
Will wait for the early break and another day I will borrow.











Photo: Sheetal Gurung

Commitment over Decision

commitment over decision

Decisions happen from calculated moves, weighing the pros and cons, may be a quick run down a few blocks into the future and coming back with a possible conclusion. But commitment is an instinctive move clutching faith so strongly that one only knows that it is worth giving it a go. A stupid heart over a mindful head.

Photo: Sheetal Gurung

Oh Happy State

A happy state

It is often said that expectations lead to disappointments. Expectation is a human tendency – almost unavoidable. Let’s change course and see the events of our lives in a different light. Let’s be surprised every time!

I didn’t see that coming, did you?

Photo: my sister ‘Prema’

Embracing Uncertainty

Embracing uncertainty

Embracing Uncertainty is a book by Susan Jeffers. It is a path to dealing with uncertainty is a positive way. Usually, we would think of the future, which is so uncertain and end up asking a lot of ‘what’s going to happen?’ questions. The answer to this is ‘No one knows’ but should we live miserably and with worry? Of course not. This book may or may not be a joy to read but it’s definitely worth a try.

Photo: Sheetal Gurung